Shark Dash

Shark Dash 1.1.1

Feed the shark rubber ducks


  • Fun puzzle solving
  • Addictive
  • Great for kids


  • Can get repetitive
  • Lots of trial and error

Very good

Shark Dash is a puzzle game similar to Angry Birds. The goal is to shoot the miniature shark around the bathtub collecting coins and devouring the rubber ducks in the stage.

The game adds different puzzle elements like tubes and hoops that cause different effects like increasing your speed. These objects can also affect the rubber ducks, shooting them around the level. Graphics in Shark Dash are stylized, but have a high level of detail and polish. The game runs very smoothly without any hint of slowdown or dropped frames.

The puzzles range from simple to challenging, but Shark Dash is a great game for kids. The puzzle solving in the game is not that difficult and achieving a three star rank on each level will require some trial-and-error.

Shark Dash is a fun game and great if you are tired of Angry Birds.

Shark Dash


Shark Dash 1.1.1

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